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Discover the advantages of a truly diversified strategic retirement plan to help you reduce taxes and fees, eliminate stock market volatility, and leave a legacy with Lifeline Innovations & Insurance Solutions.  Learn more.

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We're different!  With our years of experience, we've curated a selection of innovative alternative solutions to help you get more money out of your retirement. 

There are two things that you cannot control - taxes and stock market losses.  We help you to structure your retirement by gaining control and predictability in these uncertain times.  Our strategy-based planning helps you to FREE your retirement, as all of the solutions we offer are surrounded by tax efficiency and eliminate stock market losses.


  1. Taxes - In retirement, not only do you need to expect to potentially pay taxes on your retirement income such as pension benefits, but you also need to consider the impact of your retirement income on the taxability of your Social Security benefits.  And then there are Required Minimum Distributions.... an annual minimum amount you MUST withdraw from your tax-deferred qualified plans.  And because these plans were set up to DEFER taxes (NOT eliminate them!), you now owe taxes on the principal AND the growth.  Under normal circumstances, that means that the amount of the entire withdrawal adds to your income which can affect the taxability of your Social Security benefits.  And guess what.... you will be penalized if you DON'T take enough from your assets.  Do you know how much you'll need to withdraw to satisfy your RMDs?  We can provide projections of your RMD requirements with our proprietary software.  We can also show you some alternatives to reduce this tax burden.
  2. Inflation - Each year, the Social Security Administration determines whether or not inflation has risen enough to provide Social Security recipients with an annual increase called a Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) to keep pace with inflation.  Also, we can structure an Income FOREVER plan with automatic increases to keep up with inflation, protecting your retirement income from inflation erosion.
  3. Medical Expenses - Most people qualify for Medicare when they are 65, but Medicare was never intended to be free or to cover everything.  Medicare Parts A and B will help with inpatient and outpatient medically-necessary expenses, but there are deductibles and coinsurance.  And although Part D presciription drug coverage is strongly encouraged, it is not provided directly by Medicare.  We specialize in helping our clients understand what Medicare is, how it works, the different parts, options to fill the gaps, and timeframes.  We also offer a complete portfolio of Medicare plans - Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage plans, and Medicare Prescription Drug Plans. 
  4. Long Term Care - Did you know that Medicare covers ONLY "medically necessary" services, including skilled nursing facility (SNF) confinement?  Even though Medicare covers UP TO 100 days per admission, you may still require custodial care without the benefit of Medicare coverage.  Did you know that the typical SNF in Northern California costs approximately $9,000 per month?  The ONLY insurance to cover this cost is Long Term Care.    Traditional Long Term Care insurance (LTC) is typically expensive, difficult to qualify for (must be in good health), and a potential loss - all premiums are forfeited if the LTC benefits are not used.  Also, only specific LTC services are covered, and they MUST be provided by qualified LTC providers.  We offer our clients a new Hybrid LTC policy called AssetCare which provides benefits regardless of whether LTC benefits are used or not.  This unique plan provides a death benefit payable to beneficiaries if the LTC benefits are not used, making it a much better alternative and protecting the family assets.
  5. Stock Market Volatility - While you're in the accumulation phase or retirement planning (still working), if the stock market tumbles, you still have time as your most valualbe resource to recover, although that recovery can take a lot longer than you may think.  What if the day after you retire the stock market crashes?  Would you be able to survive a significant loss of retirement income?   What part of your lifestyle could you afford to cut back or eliminate?  We offer several alternative Safe Money options which are not directly linked to the stock market, freeing you from worry about market volatility and providing you with significant and predictable returns.
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