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Discover the advantages of a truly diversified strategic retirement plan to help you reduce taxes and fees, eliminate stock market volatility, and leave a legacy with Lifeline Innovations & Insurance Solutions.  Learn more.

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Our Vision

We believe that everyone deserves to retire in comfort and dignity.


We believe that with the right knowledge and tools, everyone can create a safe retirement nest egg.


We believe that our tax obligations require us only to pay taxes once on the “seed” of our money, not on its “harvest”.


We believe that our life insurance should pay us while we are still living.


We believe that having a critical or chronic illness should not bankrupt us.


We believe that we all should have access to the secret safe money wealth-building tools that have been used for many years by financially savvy savers and investors.




To fulfill our Vision, we offer innovative, safe money solutions for money problems, particularly retirement issues.


Our mission is to educate Americans about tax-free and safe money concepts so that they can grow rich safely – and not to be subject to the whims of the Wall Street Casino.


Why worry about your money in the stock market when it can be safe and working hard for you?


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