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Social Security Maximization

Social Security is a critical part of most Americans' retirement plans - but the vast majority of people miss out on the benefits to which they are entitled.


Often referred to as "one leg of a three-legged stool", Social Security income may be taxable OR tax-free, depending upon your income from other sources. 


Did you know that when and how you take your Social Security benefits can make a big difference in how much Social Security income you'll receive during your lifetime?


We can help you to plan your retirement income to minimize the taxation of Social Security benefits, and we can let you know when and how to file for Social Security benefits to maximize your lifetime Social Security income.  It makes a great deal of sense to include Social Security planning with your retirement income planning, and we can help, using our Safe Money Strategies.


Are you married? 


Do you know that there are 81 different ways for married couples to file for Social Security benefits?  Choosing the wrong options can leave money on the table.... LOTS of money.


In order to determine your maximum lifetime benefit, you would have to perform over 20,000 calculations and explore advanced strategies such as Restriction Application and File and Suspend. 


We can save you all this time and trouble with a Social Security Maximization report.  It will tell you EXACTLY when and how to file for Social Security benefits to achieve YOUR maximum lifetime income.



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