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Life Settlements FAQ

Why are Life Settlements such a big secret?


Up until the passage of California State Senate Bill 1837, only the ultra rich and institutional investors had the resources to purchase single policies.  Now that fractional shares can be purchased, the average investor can participate in this type of investment.  Since Life Shares have been available in California for the past decade, informed investors have been placing a portion of their funds in Life Shares and have been making decent returns with no stock market risk. 



Who is eligible to sell a policy for a Life Settlement?


Lifeline Innovations & Insurance Solutions currently represents Acclivity West for Life Shares.  Acclivity West offers shares of policies in which the insured meets the following criteria:

  • The policy is a Universal Life policy
  • The insured is a minimum of at least 78 years old
  • The policy has been in place more than 2 years
  • The insured is chronically ill with a short life expectancy



Why would a senior citizen sell a life insurance policy?


By selling their policies on the secondary market, policy owners can sell their policy for 4 to 5 times the cash surrender value offered by the insurance company.  Many of these policy owners no longer need or want these policies, and many need the proceeds to pay for costly end of life and long term care.  As a matter of fact, nearly 9 out of 10 universal life policies never mature to a claim.  Now, with a growing market to sell these unwanted policies, many senior citizens can spend their remaining years in comfort, knowing they can afford the care and services they truly need.  Without the investor, these seniors would have to settle for a much lower cash surrender value with the original insurance company.  Some of the reasons to sell a policy may be:

  • Funds are needed for long term care
  • Premium payments have become unaffordable and the policy may lapse
  • Estate planning needs have changed
  • Beneficiaries have changed due to death or divorce
  • Changes in needs for the coverage


Isn't this a Viatical?


No.  A viatical is the purchase of a cash value life insurance policy when the insured has a terminal condition, and the insured can be of any age.  Life Settlements involve the purchase of cash value life insurance policies in which the insured is advanced in age and chronically ill.  Viaticals carry the risk that an unexpected treatment or new drug could result in the insured living for years beyond the original expectation.  Acclivity West purchases Life Settlements in which the insured's life expectancy is much narrower since there is no cure for old age.


Can I put my money in more than one policy?


Yes, we encourage our investors to put their money into multiple policies to create a laddering effect of policy maturities over time. 



Can I use Life Settlements for my IRA or 401(k)?


Yes.  You can purchase Life Settlements for a self-directed qualified retirement plan.  We use Sun West Trust, Inc. as the custodian for retirement accounts. 



Are Life Shares Regulated?


Yes.  California was one of the first states to regulate the Life Settlement industry with the passage of State Senate Bill SB 1837.  This legislation requires that all life settlement companies register with the state and comply with all regulations.  These companies are regulated by the California Department of Corporations, Security Division.  Agents who sell Life Shares must be licensed and are regulated by the California Department of Insurance.



How is my money held?


Based on the regulations set forth by SB 1837, an investor's funds are always held by a third party trust company.  These trust companies are licensed and bonded and are independent from any life settlement company or selling agent.  The trust company oversees the investor's account to ensure that premiums are paid on owned policies, that death benefits are collected, and that investors are paid their share of the death benefits according to their contract. 



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