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Discover the advantages of a truly diversified strategic retirement plan to help you reduce taxes and fees, eliminate stock market volatility, and leave a legacy with Lifeline Innovations & Insurance Solutions.  Learn more.

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Income Forever

Will your money last for as long as you live? 


Will you have enough money to live in comfort and dignity?


Will your income be able to keep pace with inflation?


Years ago, before the creation of the 401(k) and IRA, the employer-sponsored retirement plan was a pension.  Typically, at retirement, the employee could select from several payment options, including an option to receive income for as long as s/he lived, or for income during the retiree's lifetime and then a smaller amount for the retiree's spouse for as long as s/he lived. 


Pensions are categorized as "defined benefit" plans, meaning that the benefit rather than the contributions are defined.  Each employer offering a pension has a formula to calculate the retiree's benefit based on the years of service and income. 


Although there are still some pensions offered by some employers, most employers instead choose to offer "defined contribution" plans, such as the 401(k) (for profit companies) or 403(b) (for non-profit organizations and the public service sector).  In these plans, the contribution is known, but the benefit is not known until the money is withdrawn.  These plans usually offer the employee a choice of many options invested in mutual funds or money market funds.  The benefit is dependent on the amount contributed over the years, plus gains on the investment, less market losses, early withdrawals, and fees. 


What if you retired a week before a stock market crash....?


....And, by the way, every penny of income taken is taxable.


What if you could get Income Forever...?

We can help!


We can set up a plan which will provide you with a stream of income that you can NEVER OUTLIVE


You can contribute as much money as you want.  This allows you to make up for lost time or to contribute more money when you have a higher income in the latter years of your career.


Your money will grow tax-deferred, which means that ALL of your money is working hard for you, earning interest without any deductions for taxes.


When you take your money out, you'll have a choice in how you received your money - a lump sum or payments over time, including payments for the duration of your lifetime. 


Yes, you will pay taxes, but only on the gains you've accumulated. 


There are many options for these types of plans, and we can customize a plan for you that is SAFE and will provide you with income for years or even for your entire lifetime!


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